The Summers Family Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, providing assistance to veterans seeking higher education. The Foundation also supports other charitable, community based organizations in the local NJ area.


Upon commencement in 2004, the Foundation has continued to provide scholarships to Universities and community based charitable organizations. The Foundation directed its focus on community engagement by providing funds to other 501(c)3 organizations such as Fordham University, Georgetown University, Morristown Soup Kitchen and religiously affiliated charitable organizations.

In 2010, understanding the challenges experienced by veterans and the increased need for educational resources, the Board of Directors, led by President Gregory F. Summers, refocused its mission: to provide support to veterans through education. To date, The Summers Family Foundation has provided over $250,000 in scholarship support.

These scholarship funds focus on providing veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars with the support  needed to pursue higher education.